Massage Therapy in Marietta | Stress, Aches and Pain

Sooth & Release

One of the best ways to sooth muscles and release tension is with a therapeutic massage. Be Wellness Center offers several massage options including traditional relaxation, therapeutic, deep tissue, reflexology and more. Our massage therapists create the right atmosphere for you to gain the great benefits of massage.

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Massage Therapy Benefits

Reduce Pain

Massage is a great way to reduce pain in your back, neck and extremities. Massage has also been shown to help with headaches and migraines caused by muscle tension. Reflexology is a massage style that focuses on the feet and has been shown to have many health benefits including pain relief.

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One of the main reasons anyone gets a massage is to relax and unwind. Our certified massage therapists work in our calming environment and understand that sometimes you just want to get away and relax. If you would like a great experience with a friendly and knowledgable staff, come visit Be Wellness Center.

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Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massages go beyond the standard massage and are great for athletes or anyone that exercises or strains their muscles. Deep tissue massages focus on working through the muscle to unbind it and eliminate toxins fro mthe body. The result is healthier muscles and a healthier you!

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Adding massage to our services was very important to us at Be Wellness Center. We feel that the overall health benefit of massage is extremely positive, and we feel massage combines with our other offerings to create a total wellness package. Pair massage with infrared sauna for total detox and relaxation, or with one of the other services offered in our office like neurofeedback, acupuncture or chiropractic for a total wellness plan.

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