Infrared Sauna | Detox, Relaxation, Weight Loss

Relax and Detox

Sunlighten saunas provide several health benefits. Far Infrared saunas are different from a regular sauna. Rather than relying on steam and external heat, Sunlighten Far Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body internally, helping detoxification, relaxation and weight loss, among other benefits.

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Infrared Sauna Benefits


Research shows that sweat from infrared saunas helps to transport toxins out of the body. Sunlighten saunas provide the one of the best available environments to allow for you to sweat. Detox from sweat may help relieve certain symptoms.

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The heat of Far Infrared saunas and our comfortable atmosphere help our clients relax and enjoy your sauna experience. Spray some essential oils for an extra relaxing scent and listen to your favorite music while you sweat and enjoy the relaxing benefits of our Far Infrared saunas.

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Weight Loss

Infrared sauna sessions have been shown to burn up to 600 calories in longer sessions, so they can be an effective for weight loss. In addition to helpin burn calories directly, Far Infrared saunas have been shown to aid in increasing metabolism, which can help you lose weight and get healthier, if that's part of your goals.

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Infrared saunas are a effective for natural healing and prevention. Infrared light has the ability to penetrate human tissue which produces a host of anti-aging health benefits, making infrared saunas a great therapy for overall healthier living. If you want to get yourself back into balance, an infrared sauna may help you achieve your wellness goals.

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