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Boost Your Mood

Essential Oils have been used for hundreds of years in holistic health practices for their many stress-reducing benefits. We use essential oils at Be Wellness Center to add to our therapies and provide a relaxing environment.

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About Essential Oils


We often use essential oils to aid in relaxation during our other therapies, but they can definitely be used as a stand alone for relaxation and comfort. Oils like lavender and frankencense can be diffused at home to get the same great benefits as in our office.

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Sometimes we need a boost instead of relaxation. DoTerra essential oils can be a great pick me up when diffused in the morning or in one of our custom essential oil necklaces throughout the day. Give Peppermint and InTune a try and break out of your energy slump.

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Professional Grade

DoTerra essential oils are one of the leading brands of physician blend essential oils. We incorporate specific oils to boost the immune system and health of the brain in each of our neurofeedback and infrred sauna sessions.

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We believe that the best way to get the benefits of our great DoTerra essential oils is to make sure you are diffusing them around you when you need them. One great way to ensure your essential oils are always around is to use one of our custom essential oil diffusing necklaces. Try one out today, they look great and keep your oils diffusing, and you benefitting, all day long.

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